Monday, July 12, 2010

Sweet 16 !!!

My oldest turned 16 on July 10th. We usually have a small family get together, celebrating with cake, ice cream and the persons favorite dinner. Since this was a milestone Birthday, I special ordered a cake from a bakery and bought my daughter a pretty dress to wear for her party. We also reserved the Family Life Center at our church. We invited about 30 guests to help us celebrate. Some friends of ours from church helped with games and music. My husband created a slide show set to the music of Leanne Womack's " I Hope You Dance". We selected pictures that would be sure to have the crowd cracking up and a few tear jerkers as well. I think our daughter had a good time and hope she will remember that day for years to come. WE LOVE YOU VIC!!


embieadoptmom said...

Sounds like a magical party! Happy Birthday Victoria!