Sunday, May 16, 2010

Crawling and Driving, my babies are getting mobile!

My twins have started crawling. Kendle started crawling right before she turned 7 months. She started out rolling everywhere. A few days later she was crawling. It was slow at first, but she has gotten much faster. She has recently learned that we have more rooms in our house to explore. I need to invest in a few baby gates. She also likes to eat anything she finds along her path. One day I saw her chewing on something. I did a quick finger sweep and retrieved half of a big black Ant! It must have been pretty tasty because she was very upset that I had taken it away!

Wesley was about a month behind his sister learning to crawl. I tried everything to get him interested in moving forward on his belly. I would put toys just out of his reach. He could not have cared less. He would just lay there and cry. It was a plate of food sitting next to me on the floor that finally sparked his interest in moving. His crawl is more of a commando type crawl. He drags his body with his arms. He is still pretty slow. He likes to follow his sister.... usually a few feet behind. He likes getting into whatever she is getting into. They are definitely partners in crime!

Victoria is my oldest, she will be 16 in July. she is taking drivers-ed. She finished the written portion of drivers-ed with a high A and has recently started the driving part of the class. We told her instructor that our prayers are with him! I let her give driving a try on the dirt road to my in-laws house one day. I found myself wishing I had a set of brakes on my side of the car. She has a lead foot and doesn't quite have the control she needs to drive safely. I decided that day to leave it up to the experts to teach this child. I am sure she will get the hang of it, we will still be sticking to back roads for awhile.


Angelwingsbaby said...

Busy busy household you have there. Big black ant huh yummy! Full of protein! lol